K5 v Akfinans Bank | Not on a Need to Know Basis

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K5 v Akfinans Bank – Not on a Need to Know Basis

The three day hearing scheduled for the 27th/28th/29th of May turned out to be a one day hearing and was then adjourned. Getting information about the case from north Cyprus whilst in the UK is like pulling teeth.

The case was adjourned but again, I could not tell you who asked for the adjournment although I suspect it was our side. No doubt I shall read about it in Cyprus Today if someone is kind enough to scan me a copy of the report.

You may wonder why as a fee paying member of the K5 I have such difficulty in obtaining information, you would not be alone in your thoughts. If this were the UK I would be kept fully informed, but it is not and I am not.

The next date for the continuation of the hearing is the 6th of June. When I heard this I thought, that date sounds familiar, why should it? Then the penny dropped, it will be the 4th Anniversary of this event:


A shameful day in the history of the north Cyprus property market.

Pauline Read

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