K5 v Akfinans Bank | Banks Behaving Badly

K5 v Akfinans Bank | Banks Behaving BadlyWITHOUT PREJUDICE

Banks behaving badly. We all shed a tear when we saw the heart breaking video in which Bob and Jan French and the late Mike Watkins- Jones and his wife Phil told us how Akfinans Bank Limited’s behaviour had impacted on their lives. The stress, strain and suffering was there for us all to see in their faces and hear in their words.

Sadly Mike Watkin-Jones is no longer with us, Mike passed away in his villa at Karsiyaka, an old man it is true but who knows how much the stress contributed to his death? What we do know that Mike, in common with the rest of the owners, in this case have been subjected to intimidation on a scale that would not have been allowed in any civilised society.

My own treatment at the hands of the bank beggars belief. I have been libeled, slandered and treated as if I were the one who had done wrong. All I did was buy a property in good faith, engaged the services of a negligent advocate (also in good faith) and been let down time and again by other people I put my trust in. If this is a crime, I plead guilty.


Can you imagine an executive of any of the real international banks behaving like the banks in the TRNC?

Can you imagine an executive of a real bank actually taking possession of a disputed property, then doing it up and moving into it?

Can you further imagine that executive who illegally took this villa, whose ownership is still the subject of litigation, actually transferring the disputed title into the name of his FATHER-IN-LAW.

All the above actions are not the sort you attribute to a respectable bank, more the actions of people who know they are doing something wrong. Banks, I mean serious proper banks, do not resort to the actions we have seen in the TRNC. It brings shame on the banking industry and I am surprised that Central Bank have not jumped on Akfinans Bank Limited and tried to limit the damage being inflicted on the good banks in TRNC.

How can photos like this one, taken when the bank broke into and took the villa of Eva McCluskey another K5 victim, enhance the reputation of the banking industry in the TRNC. You cannot brush scenes like this under the Turkish carpet.

Akfinans bank personnel breaking into Eva McCluskey’s villa.

Having to fight Libel writs for telling the truth and speaking out about the injustice, I am now told, although I have no documentary proof, that there is a court order barring me from going near my villa. Perhaps the sight of me looking through the railings whilst they frolic in my villa is just too much for such sensitive souls. I have put a link to my twitter page showing them doing just that.


I first found out about the mortgage on my villa on the 6th March 2008 and have been fighting it ever since. The bank have made my life a living hell and continue to do so, the Government who make the laws ignore the plight of thousands of the victims of property scams.

I still firmly believe that the strategy of all who have profited from these scams is to outlive their victims. Shame on them all.

Never give in never give up

Pauline Read

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21 comments to K5 v Akfinans Bank | Banks Behaving Badly

  • fluter

    “Can you further imagine that executive who illegally took this villa, whose ownership is still the subject of litigation, actually transferring the disputed title into the name of his FATHER-IN-LAW.”

    And can you imagine a member of TAPU staff willingly taking part in that transfer?

  • Polly Marples

    Yes I can fluter. If a Tapu official is prepared to stand up in court and UNDER oath tell the judge that all the K5 Contracts had been cancelled in 2008 (by the Tapu) and that every member of K5 (purchasers) had been notified. The man was a bloody liar, not one of the K5 Contracts had been cancelled nor had anyone ever attempted to tell any of them that they had. I wonder how much he was paid. I wonder how much the Tapu official who colluded to transfer of Pauline’s villa into the name of Mustafa Guner had been paid?

    The whole system has the smell of a cesspit.

  • Miltiades

    Its an ILLEGAL regime you senile old codgers, when will you remove the shiiiite from your blinkered eyes and face reality. Only stupid senile old fools would put their money in the pseudo state buying dodgy stolen properties, Just accept it and move on, you haven’t go that long to go!!¬

  • Polly Marples

    OH put a sock in it Mutley.

    No one gives a toss what you think…probably because we all know you don’t think.

    You do not know how long any of us have, but being a lady I will say ‘after you’.

  • Miltiades

    You should be enjoying the twilights of your miserable life not “fighting” bloody crooks. As the saying goes ” mad dogs and English men / women ”

    Carry on sakking Turkish rs, they may just take pity on an old bird with a single rusty brain cell!!
    What a Plonker !!

  • Polly Marples

    If it gets you so uptight, why read it Mutley, I think your blood pressure is not benefitting from all your outbursts. Calm down in the twilight of your miserable life and think calming thoughts and enjoy yourself.

  • fluter

    Why indeed? Does anyone but himself, and maybe “Jerry” (who is clearly far more intelligent than him), give a damn what he says?

    Just ignore the BF.

    ” mad dogs and English men / women ”. Just a minute, according to him, doesn’t that include himself?

  • Miltiades

    According to an Aljazeera report, on right now, there are more than one thousand Turkish jihadists fighting alongside ISIL, Turkey fully supports ISIL, not for the first time this nation is in complete antithesis of the western world. Yet, you ignorant peasants are fully behind Turkey’s continued occupation of the northern parts of Cyprus. You are disgusting peasants !

  • Polly Marples


  • AM


    Hahaha…Message for the the big stupid clown, is this the Turkey that “fully” supports ISIL.

    What a stupid old duffer that pulls his own plonker 🙂

  • Miltiades

    Cyprus has been a Christina nation for two thousand years.
    You low down frikking peasants, driven on by an ulterior financial reason, have thrown your support behind the barbarians. Go to hell you ignorant low down peasants. FRICK OFF BACK TO YOUR COUNCIL ESTATES, you were born frikking peasants and you will end up as peasants.

    Turkey is an Islamic nation that occupies a part of a Christian nation, there is nothing to be proud of having this sick medieval religion as your guiding force. You peasants ought to be gathered up and thrown out of Cyprus. Go to hell you low down ignorant pieces of shiiiite !

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  • Polly Marples

    Just look at his rant.

    Is Mutley fit to live alone?

  • fluter

    Certainly appears to be getting worse ……

  • Polly Marples

    Mr Mustafa Akinci is the new President of north Cyprus.

  • Miltiades

    A pseudo ..president of a pseudo “state” Recognized by none, apart that is from the senile old codgers with half a brain cell between them !!

    I hear that ISIL has requested …beheading rights in the occupied parts, watch out !!

  • AM

    Bed early for you Milti,…. best thing to sober up.

    My advice would be if you can’t handle the plonk just ease off 🙂

  • Interestingly, the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus and the newly elected president got a mention on BBC Radio 4 (Today programme) this morning, with NO reference to it being an “occupied” or “illegal” state – it was just referred to as the Northern part of Cyprus.
    Could be aunty BBC is slowly recognising that the TRNC does exist and is here to stay.

  • Polly Marples

    Good point nigel.

  • Miltiades

    Dream on !!! The northern parts of Cyprus exist, of course. The pesudo stae is recognized by NONE, apart that that is from tyou lot!!
    Carry on sakkking Turkish ssss !

  • AM

    Give it a rest you silly old duffer.

    TRNC has been here for over 40yrs and will be here for another 40 long after you are pushing up weeds. 🙂

  • fluter

    Carry on what? What a knobhead!

    Time to grow up little one.