Cyprus Star – 18/11/2011

There is so much news in this edition that it would take too long to summarise the stories so I suggest those who can buy the newspaper should do so for 2TL. Much cheaper than Cyprus Today.

This time Turkish Cypriots – next time British? – coverage of the outrage expressed by a Turkish […]

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in Cyprus Star – 21/10/2011

HSBC organise beach cleanup – Editor: ah, The Never Ending Story was my favourite

Former South Cyprus Minister arrested – by North Cyprus police for commiting an ‘unnatural act’. Editor: was he discovered telling the truth?

Judge: Public health may be at risk – an employee of Occo Company, who was accused of robbing […]

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Cyprus Star – 14/10/2011

Çatalköy Festival – starts tomorrow, Saturday 15th October, with a book signing by Turkish Cypriot writers.

Last week in court – three cases: a group accused of fraudulently acquiring $362,000 from a casino, Syrian illegal immigrants and a man accused of stealing about £800 from a friend.

Christofias says no solution if Güzelyurt and […]

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