If Turkey Annexes North Cyprus Would it Become More Like Turkey?

If Turkey Annexes North Cyprus Would it Become More Like Turkey?As part of the battle between Turkey and Europe/USA, North Cyprus has become a hostage that Turkey threatens to use as a response to threatened sanctions. If Turkey annexes North Cyprus would it become more like Turkey? In other words, would North Cyprus become just be another Turkish region, called Kibris perhaps?

I doubt that tourists would notice much difference in Girne, for example, but what about expats? Expats living in Turkey seem to have noticed no difference since the recent upheavals, although women seem to be less happy. According to Forbes (27.09.18) an Azerbaijani expat says, “it is not safe to go out at dark time and difficult to come back home after midnight, so that I usually have to be back by 10 p.m. at the latest.” The same magazine rates Turkey as the 7th most dangerous place for women, it seems that different people have differing experiences. This also applies to different areas of the country, with the more conservative Turks living in rural areas being less tolerant to Western culture.

In addition to cultural problems, if Turkey annexes North Cyprus there is a high likelihood that there will be problems traveling through crossings from the south. While flights from the north via Turkey are not that difficult, Turkish airlines will doubtlessly raise their prices because competition has disappeared. Add to this the impact of the threatened sanctions against Turkey and the uncertainty of the economic stability of the area and those who have purchased property their may find selling it even more difficult than it already is.


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