How To Speak The Turkish Cypriot Dialect

How To Speak The Turkish Cypriot DialectIn order to speak the Turkish Cypriot dialect in the north it is important to realise that the language came from Anatolia and then evolved for four centuries. Cypriot Turkish is mainly spoken by Cypriots with Ottoman ancestry and Cypriots who converted to Islam during that period. It is also understood by expat Cypriots living in the UK, United States, Australia and elsewhere.

Cypriot Turkish is a blend of Ottoman Turkish and the Yörük dialect spoken currently in the Taurus Mountains of southern Turkey. Over time it has absorbed influences from Greek, Italian and English. Often it is understood by those speaking Standard Anatolian Turkish as long as the speaker does not have a strong accent.

Five differences include:

  1. Voicing of some unvoiced stops, e.g. saying daş for “stone” instead of taş
  2. Preservation of earlier Turkic *ŋ, e.g. saying biŋ for “thousand” instead of bin
  3. Changing 1st person plural suffix, e.g. saying isterik for “we want” instead of isteriz
  4. Unvoicing of some voiced stops, e.g. saying Gıprıs for “Cyprus” instead of Kıbrıs
  5. Lenition of final affricates, e.g. saying hiş for “no, none” instead of hiç

Source: Wikipedia

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