How Does Wearing Cheap Wellies Show Good Leadership Skills?

How Does Wearing Cheap Wellies Show Good Leadership Skills?How Does Wearing Cheap Wellies Show Good Leadership Skills?

UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, is being praised for showing Good Leadership Skills because he was wearing £12.99 ASDA welly boots on his visit to see the victims of Scottish floods. The Telegraph newspaper then seemed to criticise SNL leader, Nicola Sturgeon, for wearing a £179 Barbour jacket and £130 Hunter wellies. The photo that went with the comment shows Cameron splashing through the water and Sturgeon high and dry.

The motives of any other newspaper than the Telegraph would be obvious if they included the comment that he did this to ‘look like a man of the people’. It would be obvious, they were knocking Cameron for trying to manipulate public opinion. The Telegraph, however, a Tory newspaper, would be scoring a home goal surely. That is unless they were expressing the views of the fast expanding group of Tories who believed that Cameron was becoming a liability.

Back to the leadership footwear debate. The only reason for wearing wellies would be the expectation of a photo being taken suitable to be published in the major dailies, with an article stating how brave Cameron was to risk the fate of the Scots whose homes were devastated by a reduction of Tory investment in flood defences.

It’s as if, in Cameron’s mind, spending £12.99 on a pair of wellies to go paddling, was far more important than flood defences. It would be dreadful if he got his feet wet, stuff the Scots who’d never vote for him in a million years. That shows Good Leadership Skills of the Tory Party, while Sturgeon was just showing good dress sense among many other qualities that Cameron would never be allowed to show, such as compassion.

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1 comment to How Does Wearing Cheap Wellies Show Good Leadership Skills?

  • Polly Marples

    I do not suppose the people who are suffering because of the floods give a rats arse what either of them had on their feet. How pathetic of the press to make such a huge issue of it instead of concentrating on the real reason both leaders were there.

    No matter what any political leader does, he will take a bashing from those who voted the other way….life innit.