Greek MEP Lies Stops Euro Parliament Lifting TRNC Embargo

Greek MEP Lies Stops Euro Parliament Lifting TRNC Embargo The Brussels Euro Parliament voted against admitting Turkish Cypriot Observers and lifting trade-embargoes on the TRNC as a result of Greek MEP Eleni Koppa, before the crucial vote, telling the Socialist Group that Commission Chairman Stefan Fuhle thought it was not the right time to admit Turkish Cypriot observers.

But now, in a letter to Socialist Group Chairman Hannes Swoboda, MEP Michael Cashman says he has discussed the issue with Commissioner Fuhle’s Cabinet and they are “adamant” that Commissioner Fuhle did not say that ‘now was not the right time’, but instead that it was a question for Parliament to decide, not him.

MEP Cashman condemns Greek MEP Maria-Eleni Koppa for misleading the Group:

“I believe such a distortion of the Commissioner’s words, which presumably influenced the outcome of our vote, is at the very least unfair, and most certainly could have damaged the relations of our Group with the Commissioner.”

He went on to say:

“I am angry that, instead of helping find a solution, too many MEPs have made the situation worse by taking their cue from the obstructive line of the Republic of Cyprus. It is particularly outrageous that an institution-the European Parliament- supposed to assist dialogue and compromise refuses to allow Turkish Cypriot voices to be heard in our debates.”

Source: Avrupa Times

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1 comment to Greek MEP Lies Stops Euro Parliament Lifting TRNC Embargo

  • Miltiades

    Did you say lies Dumbo?

    Perhaps the Cypriot MEP lied about the northern parts of Cyprus being under foreign occupation, or perhaps he lied about the FACT that the only internationally recognized LEGAL entity over the entire island is the Republic of Cyprus.

    When are you simpletons with singular brain cells understand this.

    Senile old cheapskate!