Garanti Bank Confirms Pinar Ocal Gokboru Could Have Avoided Hack

Garanti Bank Confirms Pinar Ocal Gokboru Could Have Avoided HackA member of Garanti Bank confirmed, during a phone call, that Pinar Ocal Gokboru Could Have Avoided the Hack which cost John and Mary Groaves £20 000. The source explained that conveyancers regularly transferred large sums of money from property sales. They went on to say that explanation for the low amounts that Pinar Ocal Gokboru transferred were a puzzle to them.

Pinar Ocal Gokboru split the £52 000 property sale proceeds into two amounts, claiming that she wasn’t allowed to transfer any more than she had each time. Yet, previously she claimed the reason for this had been for safety. If she had transferred all the money to the account that Mr Groaves had instructed then hackers could not have sent her a bogus email telling her to send the second amount of money to a different account.

This is what John Groaves had to say:

‘In your reply to me (your words ) MY BANK HAS A DAILY TRANSFER LIMIT , in the
Circumstances this is a very serious matter , so I am asking you if you would go to your
Bank , in this case GARANTI BANK and ask them for a statement that this money had to be sent in two parts ,and what is there DAILY LIMIT , and send the statement to me, so we can all see this is true , I can not believe the limit is so
low how do you get on when you sell a villa of say 250 000 pounds , I do not believe this , none of this would have happened if you had sent the money in one full amount , ALSO please stop blaming me , you say you are NOT computer savy , I know that
you were Hacked, YOU SENT the money not me , even a child would have known that was not me , and the police fraud officer who does this job every day , said you were to blame ,do you know more than him , even when YOU say ( in your words ) you are not computer savvy ,YOU were to blame (you said) , if you were to blame you would pay up , well you know you are , so pay up ,we will NEVER give up trying to get our money back do the descent thing , you are young and can make this money back , and remember your mistake and make sure it does not happen again , to anyone , I am 80 my wife is 79 we can not this money was for out old age , We are now looking into giving this story to newspapers in England .
Mr and Mrs J GROAVES’

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