Five Planets In Conjunction Means Cyprus Problems Solution Close

Image result for planets in conjunction 2016From what I’ve been seeing in the Cyprus media, and also in international media, the conclusion that five planets being in conjunction means a successful Cyprus Problem solution makes about as much sense as the media reports.

But, leaving aside the cynicism, over the next few week Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will be visible in the sky just before dawn. You can, of course, catch most of these planets before dawn. First Jupiter rises in the evening followed after midnight by Mars and then Saturn, Venus and Mercury.

Of course, there is a much better chance of seeing this in Cyprus than it is of seeing it in the UK. Forecasts in the UK point to rain and cloud, although temperatures are about to rise into double figures during the day. In Cyprus the weather will be only slightly warmer but the cloud coverage looks to be less of an obstacle to seeing this rare occurrence.


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