Ferry From Cyprus to Rhodes and Piraeus Next Summer

Ferry From Cyprus to Rhodes and Piraeus Next SummerThe Cypriot Shipping Ministry has announced plans to launch a ferry link connecting Cyprus and Greece, starting in May 2020, just in time for the peak summer season. According to reports in the Greek City Times, the ferry service will run once a week between the busy months of May to September and once every fortnight during the rest of the year.

The Ministry has submitted an application for funding to the European Commission in order to finance the transport initiative and South Cyprus’ deputy shipping minister Natasa Pilides says she is pushing for completion of all required procedures as soon as possible to ensure the ferry link is available by the summer of 2020.

Calls for a new ferry link between the two countries came soon after the previous one failed in 2000, due to financial issues blamed on most travelers at the time opting for flights. Over the last few years, travelers complained that airline tickets were too expensive and so supported the government’s plans to restore a ferry service.

The ferry will start in Limassol and the final destination in Greece is expected to be Piraeus, which is the country’s busiest port and there have also been talks of an intermediate stop, such as Rhodes. There has been no indication as to the price but the competition, Grimaldi Freighter Cruises, travels to Piraeus from Limmasol on Mondays with prices starting from €285pp.

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