Expats in North Eligible for Permanent Residence Permits

Expats in North Eligible for Permanent Residence PermitsThe news that the TRNC Interior and Labour Ministry has started to accept applications for permanent residence permits creates a dilemma in my mind. There are supposedly 10,000 people who will be able to apply for the permanent residence permit, in other words those who have been given a work permit for 6 years or a business establishment permit.

The advantage for those who have a permanent residence permit is that they will not require an annual work permit. In addition, the White Card ID card which comes with the right for a permanent residence permit can also be used for entries and exits to the TRNC.

I can understand expats from non-EU countries being interested in this permit but why would expats from EU countries be interested? That is unless they believe the hype about a solution to be unfounded. If they were to wait the one, two, three or whatever number of months until the referendum then if it is successful they’ll surely be entitled to the same EU privileges as expats in the south. This means, that unlike in the north, they can vote in local municipality elections although they are not allowed to vote in Cyprus presidential elections. Plus it costs a lot less to obtain a permit in an EU country which I’m sure the north will become if the referendum is successful. Removes tongue from cheek.

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  • fluter

    Yes, same here in Germany. I can vote in local elections, but not in the nationals.