ESFC Demands Rapper Sean Paul Cancels Concert in North

ESFC Demands Rapper Sean Paul Cancels Concert in NorthAccording to the south’s European Solidarity Front for Cyprus (ESFC) any artist performing in North Cyprus is supporting ‘Turkish atrocities’. They point to rapper Sean Paul’s upcoming live performance on July 26 as an example of this.

“We can’t confirm whether the Jamaican singer is aware of the island’s situation, as was the case in the past with fellow celebrity Jennifer Lopez. “By performing in the occupied part of Cyprus, Sean Paul will in fact be recognising this pseudo-entity, granting it status and legitimising Turkish atrocities.”

The group obviously wants the rapper to call off the performance but last year Sean Paul received a jihadi death threat and was told to stay away from a Maldives New Year’s Eve concert. This seems not to have dissuaded him then.

The Mission Goal for the ESFC, as described on their FaceBook page, is to ‘free Greek Cyprus’. Seeing that even our resident ex-EOKA member doesn’t agree that Cyprus is Greek, the ESFC look to be onto a loser there.

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