Popular Science News | Why Tomatoes Have No Taste

Popular Science News – the simple reason that tomatoes have no taste is that in the search for a consistent red colour, taste and aroma were the accidental victims. 70 years ago breeders discovered a variety with a clear red colour that showed the tomato was ripe so it could be picked at exactly the right time. On top of that they looked good but unfortunately they had no taste. It wasn’t until 10 years ago that a plant researcher discovered why the greenness in tomatoes was needed. It should also be obvious to all those with a little science knowledge. Green is the colour of photosynthesis, which makes sugar, which gives the tomato its taste. By missing out green and going straight to red, scientists had missed out on flavour.

The challenge that scientists have now is how to get back to having a tomato which looks good to the consumer, is economically viable and, almost as an afterthought, has flavour. The problem is that experimenters are not allowed to taste their experiments!

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