Popular Science News | What is a GCSE Exam Grade C?

Popular Science News – I wouldn’t blame you for not quite following what is happening to the exam system in the UK but an important precedence might soon be set. Because the Welsh and English exam systems are managed differently, decisions on grade boundaries are made by different people in the two countries. In England by the head of Ofqual and in Wales by the Welsh Minister of Education. The Welsh exam board, WCEJ, has candidates in both Wales and England taking its English GCSE. In Wales, the grade boundaries are apparently being lowered for a Grade C, on the orders of the Welsh Education Minister, and in England Ofqual demands they remain the same.

So, in theory, if Jennifer Jones sat the exam in Wales and received 50 marks she’ll have a C Grade and if Bobby Brown sat the same exam in England and received the same marks he’d have a D grade. If Welsh Jennifer wanted to start a course in England which required a C grade in English she’d be allowed to but if English Bobby wanted to start a similar course in Wales he’d not have the necessary English grade. Even though they both performed the same in the English Exam!

So what’s the fix? According to Education Secretary Michael Gove it’s to scrap the exams altogether and start a new set of untried exams, with new teething problems and chaos and disillusionment at a time when morale in schools it at it’s lowest. That’ll work, NOT! I’ve been there, done it and got the torn T-shirt.

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