Popular Science News | Using Hands as Hearing Aids

Popular Science News – put your hand up if you have trouble hearing. Depending on which hand you put up, you may improve your hearing in a different way, that’s one of the finding of researchers at Georgetown University Medical Centre.

“The left hemisphere likes rapidly changing sounds, such as consonants, and the right hemisphere likes slowly changing sounds, such as syllables or intonation,” explains Peter Turkeltaub on the GUMC website.

It seems that if you are moving your left hand while you listen to someone say ‘North Cyprus Free Press’ then you’ll hear ‘Nrth Cps Fr Prss’ more clearly and when moving your right hand you’ll hear ‘o u ee e” better.

So, instead of paying a fortune for a hearing aid, when someone talks to you wave both your hands wildly. The effect will be that you’ll hear both vowels and consonant clearly and they’ll cart you off to a mad house!

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