Popular Science News | US States Gone to Pot

Popular Science News – two US states, Washington and Colorado, have legalised cannabis. In these states you can now grow, sell or smoke as much of the plant as you want. This change in law is being seen as a living experiment on what legalisation will do to people in these states and also to drug cartels. It also challenges the Federal government which will still treat cannabis as being illegal.

Researchers are wondering what changes might take place in these two states as far as alcohol and tobacco consumption is concerned. There are some who say that a move from alcohol to cannabis might reduce some of the social harm caused by alcohol abuse. In Colorado, for instance, alcohol related traffic deaths dropped 14% after cannabis was legalised.

Some are saying that in the case of rebellious youngsters, the fact that cannabis is not forbidden might even turn them away from the drug, but who knows what they’ll use instead.

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