Popular Science News | Tax for Using Internet Explorer 7

Popular Science News – at first glance the idea of a company taxing customers who use Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 when purchasing from their website sounds ridiculous but when you read the explanation it makes complete sense. The Australian online retailer Kogan.com has decided to charge IE7 using purchasers an extra 6.8% to cover the cost of making its website compatible with the ancient non-compliant browser.  Mr Kogan explained his reasoning thus:

“I was constantly on the line to my web team. The amount of work and effort involved in making our website look normal on IE7 equalled the combined time of designing for Chrome, Safari and Firefox.”

Whether the website customers actually paid this extra or went elsewhere is irrelevant as IE7 users only make up 3% of their customers, but the site owner at least has the satisfaction of making his point – dump IE7 or pay extra!

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