Popular Science News | Roving Telepresent Robot

Popular Science News | Roving Telepresent RobotPopular Science News – the idea is to be able to personally interact with a distant site. First there were static webcams and now there are mobile ones controlled through an iPod, for example. Instead of the boss wandering around his company, he controls his robot to see what is happening. Sounds expensive and fantastic but currently the one in the video below costs around $2000. Prices will drop.

This current model is just for communication, future models may include the ability to act just as bomb disposal robots do. There is nothing new apart from cost and availability to the general public. Some people argue that there may be a problem in deciding guilt if a robot does something illegal while under your control. I can’t see the problem, if you steer a car into an illegal situation then you are guilty of that illegal act.

The trick with this new innovation is to imagine the uses these devices would have if they become cheap enough to give as a Christmas present in 10 years time. You’d be a millionaire if you could guess right and, of course, turn your idea into a business.

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