Popular Science News | Round the World Flight | 8 Hours!

Popular Science News – a British rocket-powered engine is being developed which could fly round the world in 8 Hours! The 300 seat plan would travel at 3000mph, meaning that a trip which would currently take 42 hours would be reduced to 8 hours. This means that commuting to Australia would take 4 hrs.

After a 9am Monday meeting in London you take off from London airport at 3pm (GMT) and arriving in Canberra 6am (EST) Tuesday for an 9am (EST) meeting. After the meeting you leave on the 1pm (EST) rocket plane from Canberra and arrive in London at 7am (GMT) in time for another Tuesday 9am (GMT) meeting in London. It’s a con, you’ll only get paid for two days work, Monday and Tuesday, and yet you’ve worked three!

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