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Popular Science News – Robot Woman

Claire Lomas, paralysed from chest down from a riding accident, is the first person to be given for everyday use a £50,000 robotic exoskeleton that enables her to walk. She then went on to complete a marathon in 17 days and raised £200,000 in the process. Although the cost per person seems expensive, the alternative is having to treat her for pressure sores, a loss of bone density and problems linked to poor posture at an estimated cost far in excess of the device.

One of Claire’s big moments was walking into a bar and ordering a drink instead of being wheeled into the pub, parked and having a drink brought to her to drink through a straw. The robotic exoskeleton is just the beginning of such devices and ultimately the aim is to fuse them with the body so that they are not as obtrusive and difficult to operate as the current model.

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