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Popular Science News – it would seem that the idea of reading your halo is an example of pseudo-science and promoting a New Age myth. However, according V S Ramachandran at the University of California, San Diego, a small number of people have synaesthesia and are able to see colours around people which change with emotion.

The idea of a halo, or aura, had traditionally appeared throughout the world in religions and in healing practices. Here are the colours you might see and their ‘meaning’:

BLUE- Healing, peace, tranquillity, the Healing Guide
RED- energy, power, emotion, the Indian Guide
PINK- universal
ORANGE- insight, creativity, the Doctor Guide
YELLOW- intellectual pursuits, the Doctor Guide
BROWN- earthy, materialistic
BLACK- undeveloped
GREEN- growth, balance, the Joy Guide
PURPLE- spiritual activity, the Master Guide
GRAY- concerns
WHITE- purity, spiritual protection stemming from the inward soul


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