Popular Science News | Polonium-210 Assassinations

Popular Science News – a funny heading that, ‘Polonium-210 Assassinations.’ Speculation is that Israelis assassinated Yasser Arafat using the radioactive isotope Polonium-210. According to the Independent Newspaper a sample from Arafat’s under-clothing, sent to a Swiss laboratory, tested positive for deadly the radioactive isotope used in several other assassinations.

Some people say, why dig this up after all this time especially when presence of the isotope will not point a finger at the culprit? Arafat’s body has been exhumed and tests are under way and doubtlessly accusations will be made and Israel will be seen, but not proved, to be guilty. These are unsettled times in the Middle East and these tests are being undergone at a time when they will further unsettle the situation. For those of us living in Cyprus, with the relationship between Israeli and Turkey deteriorating progressively, these are not good times to be there.

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