Popular Science News | Parents Abandon Kids to the Web

Popular Science News – 82% of 5 year-olds have access to the internet, according to a company which sells software for internet safety. Ignoring the fact that they would say that, it seems that parents are leaving their children in front of a computer instead of a TV, as my parents did. The only difference is that the internet does not regulate itself, the parents are left with that responsibility. Unfortunately the majority of them are either too busy to do this or are unaware of the potential dangers of exposing their young to the risks of unfettered internet access.

There is also the danger of children becoming addicted, in the same way that I became addicted to reading abnormal psychology textbooks. I even managed to get the local librarian to issue me with adult tickets. I wonder if she realised what was in those books! I blame all my later failings on the library system 🙂



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