Popular Science News | Oxytocin the Love Drug

Popular Science News | Oxytocin the Love DrugPopular Science News | Oxytocin the Love Drug

Oxytocin has for a long time been know as the Love Drug. It is a naturally excreted hormone in both sexes and is know to be responsible for a number of effects from pair bonding to healing. Recent research has focused on the effect of oxytocin on keeping men faithful. Whilst the hormone develops trust it also creates a feeling of in and out-groups. The hormone is thought to enhance feelings of belonging to a group and conversely, the rejection of those who don’t belong. It should have been no surprise to find that an experiment in which volunteers who sniffed oxytocin rather than a placebo, resulted in them rejecting advances from the opposite sex when they had a partner.

Now, here’s the problem for women. Oxytocin in men is excreted in response to hugs, kisses and orgasms so does this mean that if they are not getting these oxytocin stimulants then they are more likely to stray? Are men going to use this as an excuse for them being unable to resist the advances of the opposite sex? Looks like we’ll have to get one of these oxytocin sprays to use when we have a headache or perhaps we should put it in their cornflakes?

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