Popular Science News | Now Taking 2020 Bookings For Moon Trip

Popular Science News – Golden Spike, run by former NASA executives, are now taking bookings for Moon Trips in 2020. They currently only have two seats available. They are targeting foreign countries who would benefit from sending someone to the moon without the cost of starting a space programme. So far they have one undisclosed tourist who has shown interest.

Even though the cost of seats will be $750m, it is estimated that the business venture would cost $7bn and so the only way to start this project would be for a hundred tourists to put down a 10% deposit and hope they live long enough to take the trip. I have a feeling that when they arrive their hotel won’t be finished, the pool will be full of moon dust and the weather will be terrible. On top of this I bet ABTA won’t protect you in case the company goes bust. You can get the same experience from a cheap winter north Cyprus holiday and save yourself $749,999, 500!

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