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is an extension of what happens in many schools already. Students sit in a computer room, log on and follow a course with a teachers wandering around maintaining discipline, or not. The software monitors the students’ progress, diagnoses weaknesses and prescribes alternative learning experiences. While these programs may not be better than good teachers they are preferable to poor teachers and, in this era of cuts, no qualified teacher at all.

As someone who achieved an A level GCE Biology ‘C’ grade in 6 months without prior knowledge, while working full time and without a teacher, I’d be suitable for this type of learning but unmotivated students would not. But then, would it make any difference if they were in school? Yes, if they had a good or outstanding teacher. According to school inspections about 40% of teachers are at best satisfactory. While this is no problem with motivated students, many of these teachers do not bother to get the best out of unmotivated students because one of the problems is they clash with authority. However, away from authority, many of these students excel and this is what learning online brings. Go on, try some free Open University online learning yourself at www.open.edu/openlearn/

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