Popular Science News | Manned Mission to Mars One Step Closer

Popular Science News – 63 years after the first person landed on the Moon, putting someone on Mars just took one step closer to becoming a reality. The idea has been passed by a committee and given the go-ahead for the preliminary design phase. The first test flight is set for 2017 but government estimates for sending a human to Mars are that it will not be before 2030 and that placing someone on an asteroid would happen in 2025.

However, a private project called Mars One aims to land humans on Mars for permanent settlement in 2023.This will be followed by a new set of four astronauts every two years. Because each mission is one-way, and the astronauts will never leave the planet, the cost is expected to be as low as $6bn. The first test of the company’s plan will be the landing on Mars of 2500kg of supplies in 2016.

I bet plots of land on Mars will then be sold by the company but permission to purchase will have to be granted by the local Martian government which, because it is recognised only by Mars One Corp, will not be valid outside of Mars.

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