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Popular Science News – Loggerhead Turtle in Cyprus have a nesting season extending from mid-June to mid-August so I was lucky to be walking on the beach today just as some turtles were being excavated from their nests.

Turtles deposit 4-5 clutches of eggs per annum and return to nest approximately every three years. Nesting is nocturnal, nest depth is 18-36 inches, and clutch size is about 100 eggs. Incubation lasts 7-8 weeks, after which time the hatchlings emerge nocturnally and infallibly orient toward the sea.

Foxes are responsible for most natural depredation but other predators include crows, hawks and ghost crabs. In addition, in Cyprus, the commercialization of beaches have deprived turtles of their breeding grounds; and the occasional slaughter of a turtle for its shell has also reduced populations. Some turtles are drowned or are killed when caught in fishermen’s nets.

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