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Popular Science News – Instagram is a free photo program for iphone and ipod users which allows you to take a photo and share it immediately. You can also use a set of filters to “improve” the look and feel of the photo or, as critics say, make it look like everyone else’s photos.

One developer has taken this concept a step further. They’ve initially chosen five cities and allowed people to view the instagrams being produced in them in real-time. These cities are London, Sydney, New York, Sao Paul and Tokyo. It is a sort of image version of Twitter. Whereas Twitter shares boring tweets, the ‘This is Now’ project shares boring images.

The project has potential, for example if you can only show images from selected photographers whose images you like, just as you select tweeters, then you could sift out the mass of rubbish! Anyway, have a look – This is Now

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