Popular Science News | Huawei Modem Spyware

Popular Science News – according to a US House Committee, “Huawei failed to dissuade lawmakers that their close ties to the Chinese government made it possible for their gear to be used in cyber-espionage.” While there was no evidence provided that the company had already installed spyware in equipment such as my Huawei (pronounced -WAH-way) modem, there were fears that the companies close connections with the Chinese military could make it possible for the modem to be used for spying in the future.

The method used is called a backdoor. This is where a small piece of code is included in the modem’s operating system which allows a spy to view whatever data passes through the equipment. The only way this could be useful is if the spy could pick out an important modem from a multitude of useless ones and the decrypt the information flowing through it.

Mind you, as a way of dissuading purchasers of cheap Chinese imports, this has the feel of propaganda. What next? Chinese alarm clocks sending subliminal anti-American messages to unaware sleeping purchasers?

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