Popular Science News | Heart Disease – Take a Hike!

Popular Science News – for a long time it has been known that using stem cells can help repair damaged heart muscles but now it has been discovered that regular strenuous exercise can do the same thing.

Research findings suggest that heart disease or failure could be at least partially repaired through 30 minutes of daily exercise at enough intensity to work up a sweat. Over time, the number of cardiomyocites, the “beating” cells in heart tissue, increased. The only problem I can see is that humans, unlike the mice in the tests, might not be happy in the treadwheel used to force them to exercise. That’s the last thing you’d want to do when you have heart disease. The use of stem cells might be a a lot easier on the patient, but of course more draining on NHS resources, than a run round the park with a damaged heart.

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