Popular Science News | GCSE English Resits an Insane Idea

Popular Science News – the UK government seems to believe that next month students should resit the English exam they have been awarded a D grade in. These students will, in the most part, receive no more teaching and will probably not revise so will be expected to achieve the same mark they did in June. If the November exam is standardised using the June exam as an example they will then receive the same grade. Any other grade would bring the exam system into disrepute.

What the current court case launched by teachers’ unions, schools and councils is about is for the grade boundaries to be changed in line with those in Wales and with the January exam. The argument is that if the June cohort of D grade students had taken the exam in January and performed exactly the same they would have received a C grade, as they would have done if they had taken the exam in Wales.

I keep reading articles saying that teachers want the papers to be remarked. That has never been the case. They want the marks to remain the same but have the grade boundaries changed in line with January and in Wales. They argue that any other action would be unfair.

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