Popular Science News | FaceBook Purges Fake Likes

Popular Science News – it seems that some groups set up FaceBook accounts and create fake ‘likes’ for their site in order to con users into believing the group is popular when it isn’t. Unfortunately, or fortunately, for those groups the day of reckoning is fast approaching. FaceBook is currently purging fake ‘likes’ from accounts and the truth will soon be out. One group’s likes dropped by 65,000 yesterday, a victim of the purge.

In the case of long established sites, these likes may have been bought from hackers during its early days in an attempt to kick-start the site. Removal of fake ‘likes’ at this stage will have little impact on the number of likes but it will reveal the unethical practices of the administrators. The real problem would be a site waning in popularity which is being masked by false ‘likes’ suddenly be revealed as being pumped up to create a false impression. Thankfully, these practices would be rare for North Cyprus FaceBook sites dedicated to promote the truth.


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