Popular Science News | Eyes in the Back of Your Head

Popular Science News | Eyes in the Back of Your HeadPopular Science News – when I heard that a device called FlyVIZ had been developed that was the equivalent of having eyes in the back of your head, I remembered thinking that my mother already had one of them. She always seemed to be able to see what I was up to, even with her back to me.

The device weighs 1.5kg, and is attached to a laptop at the moment, but a scaled down more portable version is in the pipeline. It would obviously have military and security applications allowing wearers to have a 360 degree view of what is happening around them. Perhaps in the future we’ll no longer have to watch TV programmes where a security guard, wandering around a factory looking for intruders, always seems to miss the thief behind them and get knocked on the head for their troubles.

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