Popular Science News | Everything Everywhere 4G Launch

Popular Science News | Everything Everywhere 4G LaunchPopular Science News – Everything Everywhere (EE), an Orange and T-mobile joint venture, are about to launch 4G. Aren’t you excited? Well, if a mobile phone to you is just a smaller wire-free version of that Bakelite job you used when you were young, then I guess you aren’t. Maybe you’ve only just partially mastered texting, if so what 4G supplies would just blow your mind, and you bank balance at the same time.

4G is simply fast broadband to phones with large screens the allow you to do what you probably don’t do with that television/typewriter thingy you bought and just use for emails and to read NCFP. The trouble with 4G and smart phones for use oldies is that they are just too small. That’s it! However, if you stretch to actually wearing your reading glasses and don’t mind another tablet to brighten your day, then a 4G package from Everything Everywhere might be just the thing for Santa to bring you as Christmas.

4G launches at the end of the month and a typical package would be a Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE costing between £36-61 per month depending on how much you pay up front for the phone. Unfortunately, with only 2Gb of internet each month, 4G will consume this allocation 4x faster than the 3G version. After watching a few free movies and watching BBC streamed news you’ll suddenly find your phone tapping into your bank balance for more of your money.

So, 4G or not? Ask yourself the question why and if your answer is vague then don’t bother, in my opinion.


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