Popular Science News | Could Bank Update Error be Deliberate?

Popular Science News – we’re not hearing much about it but apparently the recent bank chaos was the result of the kind of activity that most computer users face weekly if not daily; a software update. How such a process could bring such disruption amazes me. The way it works is that you create a backup, do the update and if it goes wrong you restore the backup so you’re no worse than you were before the update.

Now, I can understand that a bank would have thousands of transactions that would be lost during that process but if these transactions weren’t duplicated somewhere, I would be further amazed. However, there is possibly another explanation that is beginning to make its way into some newspapers. What if someone in the IT department deliberately tampered with the update? Added an error which would have far reaching implications of the sort that was experienced last week. Most updates are tested to destruction before being applied so there was something different about this update that allowed it to be applied in the faulty state it was in.

Or perhaps the Bank IT department is just useless; in my mind that is the most likely scenario.

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