Popular Science News | Confirming the Addictive Personality

Popular Science News – the term Addictive Personality has been around for a long time but lacked scientific evidence to confirm its existence. A recent rise of addictions following gastric band surgery has given credence to the idea that once one addiction is thwarted another rises. In this case a transference from food to drug addiction.

Research is now focusing on genetic reasons for some people being addicted to being addicted. It now seems that the substance dopamine, naturally released, is the final target of these addictions. The way it works is that the dopamine system releases a feel good substance and this release is regulated by something called a D2 receptor. The fewer you have of these in your brain the less successful the regulation is and the higher you get!

But, if you avoid addictive substances then this system doesn’t come into play. As the dopamine system is related to rewarding learning then perhaps it would be safer to get your kicks from learning new things. Perhaps the future consists of kids getting their kicks from doing more homework? So, quiz time, what controls dopamine levels? Did you get it right? Did you get high?

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