Modern Poetry | Wings Series | By Your Side

Modern Poetry – Wings Series – By Your Side. An imaginary journey written after forgetting to attach the poem to an email:

Writing to her today
I was carried away.
Forgot the poem
Not the love.
Reaching out
Spirits entwined.
Instantly transported
A thousand miles.

By your side

Watching you this morning
In my mind’s eye.
Rising gently
I turn my back.
While you bathe and dress
I smell your womanly warmth.
Involuntary shudder
You sense that I am there.
A smile rewards my voyeurism
I smile back.
Watching is rewarding
Puzzling too.
More self contained
Than men.
Good habit, graceful
Lips capturing crumbs sensitively.
Not fair to watch
Return to Cyprus Isle.
Kiss my love before I go
She knows I have been.
Raises her hand
To touch hair.
Softly brushed by my kiss
Locks so fair.
Float to earth
Not alone.
She reaches my mind
Like none before.
Sends butterflies
Through my door.
I gently let them out
Fear they damage wing.
I talk to butterflies now
Asking, is it you.
Did she send you
What do you know.
Land on my hand, please do
Then I will know it is you.
Talking to butterflies conjures
Up visions of men in white coats.

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