Modern Poetry | Wing Series | Internet Dating

Modern Poetry | Wing Series | Internet DatingModern Poetry | Wing Series | Internet Dating. Another poem in the ‘Wing Series,’ this one is about Internet dating.

 The Internet

Have we transcended
Broken some rule.
Disturbed the harmony
Disrupted the Universe.
Stopped time, changed
Set a trend.
Broken the mould
Found a new way to send love.
Universe opened
Doors, tunnels.
Way in for lost souls
Stuck in the waiting room.
Waiting to find
A similar heart, perfect match.
Is it a key or latch
We are in and we will stay.
Giving comfort and succour
Lift each other higher.
Inspiring, desiring
Loves needs.
Voices are known
Registered, confirming.
It is him, it is her
We will meet soon and love.
Fret until April
Anticipate, wait.
A Lady comes
I  await.
Daily mark another day gone
Carelessly wishing life away.
Time will stand still
When she arrives.
My love she comes
His love will find.
It is true, as we always knew
Cupids’ arrow never askew.
Greek Gods of old say
They always knew.
We will be one
Forever and ever.

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