Modern Poetry | Watching Over

Modern Poetry – Watching Over 

Watching Over

My lips brush gently
Your fair face.
Quietly I stroke
Your tresses.
You know I am there
Gently soothing.
Putting my lips
To your lips.
Tracing your features
With lines of love.
Listening to your breath
Breathing your breath.
Holding mine
Keeping your essence.
Feeling you
Deep in my body.
I sit quietly
By your side.
Wanting you
Needing you.
Watching you sleep
Refreshing slumber.
Birds will soon call you
Serenading the dawn.
Soon it will be
We will meet.
Touch and caress
Kissing softly.
Touching your soul
Mingling our essence.
Playfully loving
Driving away loneliness.
Time to go
Cyprus fair isle.
I will visit you when
Sleep beckons you next.
To watch over
And keep you safe.
Bringing harmony
And love to your heart,

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