Modern Poetry | Waiting to Fly | Wings Series

Modern Poetry – Waiting to Fly – Wings Series. Another poem to the Lady in Sweden who was shortly to come to Cyprus drawn by my words.

Waiting to Fly

A thousand miles
Flying wings tremble.
Fiery, weaving, dancing
Healed  wing.
Circling no more
Destination true.
Gliding, pulsating
To my arms.
To Cyprus Isle
Waiting lovers heart.
Destiny sure
Love pure, true, yours’.
Unsure, think
Read the lines.
Here I am
Waiting, anticipating.
Sitting in terminal
Is this right?
Am I a fool, doubt natural
Love awaits, courage.
Hearts can unite
Fly to me my butterfly.
Poetry persuading
Love all pervading.
Childlike trust
Mature doubting.
Taught by cynics
To doubt the magic.
Our magic
Universal magic.
Mind opening
Accepting love.
Never before, giving all.
Opening, loving from my core.
Essence of my being
Is yours to do what you will.
We will meet and love
From the air you come.
Landing, finding me at your feet
Love, life is all.
Many think, dream
Of  love pure.
Dreaming is enough
Less courageous find.
Life is real, we do
Making it real.
Uniting, heart body and soul
Bringing each to the other.
Magic of the mind
Magic in the air.
Our delicious magic
Flowing from each other.
Guided by spirit
They gently watch smiling.
Spinning a tapestry
Neat stitches show how.

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