Modern Poetry – The Fairy – Wings Series


Modern Poetry – The Fairy – Wings Series. Another lost poem from the Wings Series.

The Fairy

I looked under every leaf
Today for the fairy.
Who must be here
Teaching me love.
To write to you
Poetry and verse.
From the heart
My very core.
Where could she be
Hiding so cleverly.
Darting from bloom
To bloom, flowery.
I want to speak
To her asking for.
More magic
Never let it stop.
Bring her to me
Safely alighting.
I feel her wings
During the night.
Fanning my dreams
Of  you and us.
Perhaps it is you
Thinking of me.
Soon my love
We will become one.
Holding hands
Kissing and more.
No  idle thought
But our dream time.
Our reality
To love.
Fate dictates
Happiness waits.
Soft caresses
Down of skin.
Parting lips
Eyes declaring.
Love and tenderness
Dreaming of you


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