Modern Poetry | Suicide Bomber

Modern Poetry – Suicide Bomber. Saturday night and I am writing this stuff, it came into my  mind  I write and share.   Each verse switches between two people.

Suicide Bomber

Read the text
Hate the hated.
Non believers.
God loves me
Collateral damage.
I do not care
All to paradise.
Sleeping soundly
The girl moves.
Reacting to her dream
Of talking flowers.
In her garden
Broken from slumber.
Mother calling
Wake up my child.
Not to hell
Pray to God.
He meets me
When I die.
With the promised
Morning rising
Wash and pray.
Rebecca rises
10 years old.
Washed and dresses
Freshly pressed linen.
Breaks fast
Kisses Mother.
Waits for School
Bus and friends.
Train to die
God will preserve.
My soul
Not life.
Brothers encourage
You do right.
For glory and God.
Hate the hated.
Laughing, chatting
Giggles abound.
Keen to learn
Boarding bus.
Singing songs
Of love.
Soon the school
Another day.
My brothers fit
The satchel.
Sweating brow
Fast beating heart.
I must do this
Walk into their midst.
Last prayer
Before the deed.
Bus slowing
Halt at stop.
Leave in good
Order and wait.
For escort to
Cross the road.
Rising Sun
Bringing cheer.
Dropped of
Target close.
My chest could burst
Breath shallow.
Look natural.
Avoid eye contact
Move closer.
Crossing road
Holding hands.
Girls and boys
Future bright.
Innocent hearts
And minds.
Full of joy and
Finger on trigger
Wait for more
Control panic.
No one knows
They will soon.
Reciting text
Not moving lips.
Two groups
Meet and greet.
Lunch packs shown
And swapped.
Chattering loudly
Bright, calm day
Sweethearts looking
Shyly at each other.
It is now, do it
Pray to God.
Pray to God
We meet soon.
In paradise
Press the switch.

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