Modern Poetry | Petals

Modern Poetry – Petals. Not quite in the Wings series but it fits, an imaginary journey to one who I loved.


I will fly to you tonight
Through owl flecked sky.
Embrace in the dance
Of love delightful.
Kiss your sweet lips
Encircle your waist.
With my arms
Feeling your heat.
Searching for your rose
Petals of mountain dew.
Touching my woman
A wonderful thought.
Look into your eyes
To your very soul.
Kissing your lips
Giving myself to you.
Days speeding by
Soon you fly to me
Mounted on Pegasus.
Our meeting sublime
Dreamily holding hands.
Exploring our trueness
Our oneness.
My life is yours now
Gracefully given.
Hopefully received
As the World spins.
We will become one
No clouds, bright Sun.
Warming our hearts
Heating our skin.
Soon we swim together
Mingling spirits of joy.
Sand in toes
Sun on back.
Deserted beach
Enough of that
Love we will

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