Modern Poetry | Not the Newspaper – Cyprus Today

Modern Poetry | Not the Newspaper – Cyprus Today. Unable to sleep this ran through my mind so I thought that I would get it down on paper and share it.

Not the Newspaper – Cyprus Today

Mortar of bile
Pestle of boot.
Greek and
Hatred and
Of beauty.
Of Mosque.
And Church
Lost and gone
Replaced by.
Corruption of Law
Church and soul.
No longer
Stealing sheep.
Or Goat
Stealing pensioner’s.
Property by guile
Constitution ignored.
Laws overridden
Disguised by
Banks and press.
Shrugging shoulders
Hugging the devil.
Both sides
Of the divide.
Censorship, fear
Intimidation and more.
Two faced.
My cousin can
Get you anything.
Give us your money
We will give you our love.
All at a price
Do they not know.
You cannot buy love
Sorry forgetting.
The night clubs.
Posh name.
For brothel
Owner’s ruling.
What once was
Fair Country.
Is not now
People can.
Rise and vote
Ask your children.
They know
Right from wrong.
Money one day
Will turn to dust.
Reputations will
Of Fathers
They will ask.
What did you do
In the corruption Daddy?

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