Modern Poetry | My Calendar Girl

Modern Poetry – My Calendar Girl is about a lady planning to visit Cyprus who always disagreed with me about the count down to her day of arrival.  So I wrote this:

Her Calendar

She counts in strange ways
Trying the abacus.
I fail to tally

My calendar says.
Four whole days
She will say three.
I count the clock
Backwards and.
Divide by 6
Does not work.
Logarithms sure
Tables checked.
Makes it four
Finger and thumbs.
Make four
Ah got it.
One up my bum
Blots out the Sun.
For I am told
It’s where it shines from .
There, count again
No it is four.
She a school teacher
Very poor.
Perhaps she travels
At supersonic speed.
Arriving before the clock
Strikes the midnight.
Hour, bring her here
I do not care for three.
Or four, carry her
Safe to my arms.
I will draw arithmetical
Patterns on her skin.
With fingers and lips
Breath making no.
Division of our love
Multiplying factors.
To our equation
One plus one equals.
Two joined as one
Holding hands.
Pouring rain
Chill wind.
We will care not
Laying together.
Getting hot
Hotter than hot.
Poker to fire
Embers to air.
Gently stirring
With infinite care.
No guard needed
Love is here.
Eye to eye
Flames dancing.
Twixt one another
Lit by waiting.
Fuelled by love.
Fanned by passion
Stoked by newness.
Returning Love
Where have we been.
Waiting for this
My lady arrives.
Her aura of fire
Consuming all.
Come my beauty
For me to hold.
Let me wonder
And be bold.
It is you I want
Deep desire.
For you to want me
Is a crown of delight.
Care I will, love
I must and do.
One day less
One day more.
For you are my
Calendar girl.
Spring delight
My rhapsody in skin.
Your mind to find
Our joy to release.
Anointing our skins
Soothing our breasts.
Our hearts will beat
Messages to brain.
To body and soul
We will transcend.
Age, aches and
Other ills, healing.
By touch and kiss
Your passion will rise.
Taking you to the skies
No falling down.
Safe in my arms
Holding you tight.
Loving you through
The night and day.
Storm  and cloud
We have love you and I.
The world will stop
No more three or four.
We will mingle our
Spirits and more.
Let me love you
I will let you love me.
Until we are one
With the brightest star.
Eagerness, tallying
Counting days.
Our time begins soon
Just you and I.
A new book for you
Around Cyprus with love.
Co authors, conspirators
In Cupid’s plan

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