Modern Poetry | Fifteen Days – Daisies

 Modern Poetry – Fifteen Days – Daisies. The lady actually gave me some pressed daisies when she arrived. 


Fifteen daisies
Before we meet.
Before I greet
My beauty.
Some would say
Sixteen, others.
No matter.
Meet we will
Love to fulfill.
Lips to kiss
Caresses to give.
Through the night
Silently giving.
Taking strength
From this.
Melding, blending
Bodies bending.
Tingling tongues
Finding, places
Not just faces.
But behaving.
Loving paramount
Holding hands.
Swimming, finning
Bouyant bonds.
Fun filled days
Drinking, eating.
Refining relationship
Gazing into eyes.
Sun kissed beaches
Karpaz delight.
Islands end
No people
What to do?
Au naturale
Dipping into sea.
Donkeys to find
Isaac’s prison.
Monastery bell
Others to ring.
Flowers to find
Hands to hold.
Petals to unfold
A lovers day.
Silver chains
They say.
Fettered Isaac
Daisies fetter us.
Until one is left
Bring that flower.
So that I may
Savor its delight.

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