Modern Poetry | Astrologist | Wings Series

Modern Poetry – Astrologist part of the Wings Series. Musings on whether a woman from Sweden would be encouraged to visit by my verse.   She came, she saw but she did not conquer.


Astrologist advises caution
Don’t be an idiot he says.
I feel he is a sceptic
Soul of a charlatan.
Many would predict
Fortune and fame.
Disasters, lottery and love
I just seem to know.
Not immune from failure
Feeling a fool.
I just know you will be here
For us to love together.
I am resolved not to doubt
But logic dictates.
A contingency to avoid
Disappointment, hurt and hate.
Strengthen soul and spirit
Laugh it off.
Do not Doubt
She will come with the Sun.
Aprils doubting star
Is dimmer than you think.
My love will be here
I just know this.
Soon, soon
Both our strengths.
Spirit, mind and body
Forged in mountain mist.
Smooth your brow
Kiss your breast.
Come to me
So I may drink from your chalice.
Bring me hair to stroke
Smiling eyes.
Spirit floating
Mind rotating.
Let me take you
To my paradise.
Love passionate
Love true and pure.
Let me love you until
You can think of nothing else.
Caress your body
Like a musical instrument.
Fingers, lips and tongue
Spine tingling music.
Anthem of love
Chorus of delight.

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