Modern Poetry | A New Day Dawning | Wings Series

Modern Poetry – A New Day Dawning – Wings Series. The poems in the Wings series are actual correspondence between myself and a woman who also replied with poetry.

A New Day Dawning

A new day is dawning
To learn and embrace.
Soul mates have met
Connection of spirit and love.
New photographs to take
Emotion to explore.
Allowed to live again as one
We will be whole again.
If time was wood
It could be carved to suit.
If time was smoke
It would disappear.
Time moves slowly
When you are not here.
When you are here
It will stand still.
What will it be I wonder
Our greeting and meeting.
Eyes will know
They will smile.
Eyes will flash in souls
Reflecting mirrors.
Depths exposed, explored
Safety assured
Wings unfurled
Shading the Sun.
Beating, generating love
Creating mirage’ in the air.
Shimmering  passion
Wrapping around sensitive soul.
Hiding passion from jealous eye
Keeping secrets safe and hidden.
In my arms kissing away tears
Healing wings, each other.
Giving, receiving love
Body and soul.
Smelling loves perfume
Drinking the passions.
Retaining, releasing
My love for her.
Rising strong
Offering love and passion..
Petals of mountain dew
To the heart of the pearl.
Slowly, gently, bolder
Harder, faster, stronger
Rushing, thrusting
Stars burst releasing love pure.

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