nov5-forecastThe weather around Kyrenia has been awful for the last week and some forecasts, although suggesting improvements, do not offer too much hope for the next week. I can’t remember period from the end of October and the beginning of November being so bad so I thought I’d check the records

2008 & 2007 – although there was no rain during that week, average lows of 11°C and highs of 23°C were about the same as we’ve been getting but back then there was very little wind.

2006 & 2005 – again no rain but a lot colder at an 18°C average high and a 7°C  low

2004 – was the exception with a 26°C average high and a 14°C low

So, we’re getting fairly normal weather apart from the unexpected, but most welcome rain. So what are we to expect over the week? According to the the rain will stop and we will be back to normal with a high of around 24°C and a low of 15°C.  Looks like the temptation to light the wood burning stove will go and a little winter sun bathing might be in order.


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